Green Wood Flooring Guide

There’s a lot of uncertainty today in the eco-friendly flooring world. What’s really green and what do all of these green certifications mean? As a longstanding green flooring industry advocate aware of some of the environmental issues in the industry, Tesoro Woods has created a green flooring guide. When shopping for flooring, it’s important to […]

VOCs in Flooring

Everyone has heard that Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be unhealthy and harmful. We’ve all heard how dangerous VOCs can be, especially in the last few years. But what exactly are VOCs and what do they have to do with flooring? Let’s have a real talk about VOCs in flooring, specifically in engineered wood flooring. What […]

Rift & Quartered Grain, The Cleanest Traditional Look

Rift and quartered milling focuses on milling the timber in such a way as to obtain the most beautiful grain patterning possible. Typically, rift and quartered is known to be a very traditional milling process. Learn more about the Rift & Quartered Grain and view Tesoro Woods’ Rift & Quartered products in our Great Northern Woods Collection.