2019 Flooring Trends

As 2018 comes to an end, Tesoro Woods is getting ready for the new year by looking at the 2019 flooring trends. Next year’s flooring trends have been predicted by using expected demand by flooring type, species, color and finish. All data comes from the NWFA.

So, what’s expected to be the most popular flooring in 2019? The quick answer is long, wide plank, domestic, factory-finished engineered wood flooring in a low gloss is expected to be in high demand throughout the next year. Below is the full breakdown of the expected 2019 flooring trends by type, species and color. Tesoro Woods has a variety of products and collections that are expected to be very desirable throughout next year.

2019 Flooring Trends by Type

In general, engineered flooring will be in higher demand, while solid flooring will be less in demand. Already quite popular, wide planks are expected to be in much higher demand and long boards will also become much more in style.

The rustic farmhouse look is expected to still be very common next year. Distressed looking flooring will still be a favorite in homes, as demand increases some more. Rustic is still going to be a popular decorating trend in 2019, and Tesoro Woods offers many rustic flooring options, including the wide plank Coastal Lowlands Collection and Coastal Inlet Collection.

Brushed Patina, White Oak Root

Coastal Inlet, White Oak Natural

Coastal Lowlands, White Oak Petrified

2019 Flooring Trends by Species

Domestic species are expected to be much more in demand next year, while imported species will see less demand. Raw materials inflation and concerns over potential tariffs are limiting the expected availability and demand of imported species like bamboo and exotics in 2019.

White Oak flooring is expected to be see a very high rise in demand next year. Other domestic species like Hickory, Maple, Red Oak and Walnut are expected to be more in demand as well. Tesoro Woods’ Great Northern Woods Collection features four all-natural, North American Maple, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut products.

Great Northern Woods, N. American Maple

Great Northern Woods, N. American Red Oak

Great Northern Woods, N. American White Oak

Great Northern Woods, N. American Walnut

2019 Flooring Trends by Color

Similar to this past year, expect to see gray and light colored floors to be a favorite in homes all throughout the next year. The demand for dark colored flooring is expected to be the same in 2019 as in 2018.

Gray has been very trendy in home decor for the last few years, and is expected to continue through 2019 as well. Tesoro Woods’ Coastal Lowlands Collection features many different gray colored wood flooring options, and there’s Dove, a newer gray bamboo flooring product that has a wood look from the Super-Strand Bamboo Collection.

Coastal Lowlands, Maple Stone

Coastal Lowlands, Hickory Heather

Coastal Lowlands, White Oak Shadow Wood

Light colored floors are expected to be more popular this upcoming year, while their expected demand in 2018 was to be the same as 2017. White and lighter flooring products were among Tesoro Woods’ most requested samples all throughout this past year. Bungalow, a White Oak from the Coastal Lowlands Collection, Ginger, an oil finished White Oak from the Brushed Patina Collection, and Frost, a rough sawn bamboo from the Super-Strand Bamboo Collection were all quite favorable in 2018 and are expected to continue to be throughout 2019.

Coastal Lowlands, White Oak Bungalow

Brushed Patina, White Oak Ginger

Super-Strand Bamboo Collection, Bamboo Frost

Dark colored floors have been expected to have a similar demand every year for a few years. Adding a more dramatic look to a room, dark flooring isn’t expected to be any more or less trendy in 2019. If you’re looking to make your home more dramatic, Tesoro Woods offers several dark colored flooring options in the Coastal Lowlands Collection and the Densified Poplar Collection, as well as a newer, rough sawn bamboo flooring product from the Super-Strand Bamboo Collection called Umber.

Great Northern Woods, Red Oak Bark

Coastal Lowlands, Maple Clay

Great Southern Woods, Royal Mahogany Cinder

Tesoro Woods has flooring products to meet every trend and popular style throughout 2019! Find a dealer near you to purchase your next Tesoro Woods hardwood or bamboo floor.

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