Our Story

Our Founder, William Jopling

Tesoro Woods is the brainchild of one of the great visionaries and innovators of the wood flooring industry, William Jopling, most widely known as Jop. Being a serial entrepreneur he founded his first company, Wood Flooring International in 1998. His goal was to produce impeccably milled engineered wood flooring in exotic species, at a time when most wood flooring was solid site finished oak.

Jop built his companies and legacy over the years in numerous ways, having a significant impact on the flooring industry. He discovered and introduced many exotic species to the US market after traveling the world to source material and he helped build flooring mills and factories all over the world. Jop also developed new manufacturing processes that we still use today, including square edge and end milling and the use of backer boards for veneers. As Jop became a giant in the wood flooring industry, he created and grew TW Flooring Group. He used this as a laboratory for innovative ways to bring wood flooring to market and resources to dealers and distributors. Some of these endeavors included Flooring Web Solutions, TW Design, EcoTimber, ETX Surfaces, The Flooring Marketplace and Wood Floor Resource Group.

Tragically, seven years after the founding of Tesoro Woods, Jop passed away, leaving behind his hardwood flooring legacy. Almost a year after his passing, Tesoro Woods is being revitalized by the same employees who knew and worked for him for years, with Jop’s long-time friend and partner from Wood Flooring International and TW Flooring Group, Andy Gallo as the CEO. We are extremely proud to offer the products that our founder helped bring to the hardwood flooring market years ago and to continue to grow the green residential flooring market, honoring Jop’s memory and continuing his legacy.

To that end, Tesoro Woods is committed to providing FSC®-certified, recycled and reclaimed hardwood flooring products using healthy, eco-friendly adhesives to the residential flooring market.