Bamboo Flooring

Tesoro Woods has partnered with MOSO® Bamboo Products (also known as MOSO® International) in the Netherlands to bring you the best quality solid locking bamboo flooring available. MOSO® International is the pioneer in innovative bamboo solutions. As one of the leading manufacturers of bamboo products, MOSO® International has a commitment to producing bamboo flooring to the greenest and healthiest standards. All of MOSO® International’s products are CO2 neutral, making them truly green.

MOSO® Bamboo Products follows three principles: Sustainability, Product Excellence and Innovation. The moso bamboo species grows faster than any other plant in the world, but has hardwood-like properties, making it an amazing alternative building material. MOSO® International has always had control over their production process. By establishing an organization in China they are able to be involved in the production process from beginning to end. MOSO® International was one of the first companies to introduce bamboo flooring from China to Europe in 1997. They knew then that the right bamboo product did not exist yet, and so MOSO® International became one of the world’s leaders in developing new solutions for bamboo.

The Super-Strand Bamboo Collection is made of one solid layer of MOSO® Bamboo Products’ extra hard High Density® bamboo. This High Density® bamboo is produced using a process that creates a much more dense and durable product. Because of the high hardness, strand woven bamboo is ideally used in indoor applications and works very well as flooring.

Tesoro Woods is the exclusive residential dealer of MOSO® Bamboo Products’ solid bamboo flooring in the United States.

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