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Your order will ship within 24 hours. Please email if you require tracking information.

Please take the time to download and review the installation instructions for our products. Please forward them to your installer or customer.

Also, please direct your customer to our hardwood flooring care and maintenance page.

If this order is being drop-shipped to your customer, please inform them of the following:

  • Delivery by “common carrier” is curbside only. The driver will not carry the material into the building, garage or other.
  • The carrier will attempt to contact you the day before your delivery to schedule the delivery. They may or may not be able to provide a delivery window. Please try to be available the whole day.
  • Delivery dates are not guaranteed, transit time is estimated.
  • When your material arrives, please verify the quantity and condition of the material.
  • It is common that 2-3 cases on the bottom of the pallet may receive some “fork damage” or torn box ends this is from the handling during shipment. This does not make the floor un-installable. Usually, only a few planks in a box are damaged. These planks can be used for cuts and will most likely not prevent you from completing your project. This is not a reason to refuse a shipment.
    • Please send pictures of damaged boxes to If the damage is significant, Tesoro Woods will be happy to replace 1-2 boxes at no charge.
  • If a pallet of material arrives and is destroyed, refuse the shipment. We cannot file a claim with our carriers for material that is accepted. Be sure to take pictures of the condition of the pallet, and of the refused bill of lading with the driver’s signature.
  • If packaging is damaged yet flooring is intact, please accept the shipment. Damaged packaging will not affect the installation, warranty, or performance of the flooring.
  • Once you have received the flooring, move it into the house, preferably into the room, or level where it will be installed. It is necessary that the home be climate controlled and that the floor acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the home for 24-48 hours prior to installation. It is not necessary to remove it from the packaging for it to acclimate. More information on installation prep can be found in our installation instructions.