Tesoro Woods Three 12 Compact Towers




Three 12 Tesoro Woods Compact Towers

Get all three Tesoro Woods Compact Towers!

Tesoro Woods Compact Tower A Tesoro Woods Compact Tower B Tesoro Woods Compact Tower C
  • Coastal Lowlands, Umber
  • Coastal Lowlands, Stone
  • Coastal Lowlands, Brickstone
  • Coastal Lowlands, Rockweed
  • Coastal Lowlands, Chamois
  • Coastal Lowlands, Sand
  • Coastal Lowlands, Shadow Wood
  • Coastal Lowlands, Bungalow
  • Coastal Lowlands, Grain
  • Coastal Lowlands, Sunbaked
  • Coastal Lowlands, Heather
  • Coastal Lowlands, Porter
  • Salvaged Pine, Golden
  • Salvaged Pine, Smoked
  • Brushed Patina, Root
  • Brushed Patina, Ginger
  • Brushed Patina, Straw
  • Brushed Patina, Rift & Quartered
  • Great Northern Woods, White Oak
  • Great Northern Woods, Walnut
  • Great Northern Woods, Red Oak
  • Great Northern Woods, Maple
  • Coastal Lowlands, Clay
  • Coastal Lowlands, Petrified
  • Great Southern Woods, Caribbean Rosewood
  • Great Southern Woods, Santos Mahogany
  • Great Southern Woods, Caribbean Cherry
  • Great Southern Woods, Royal Mahogany
  • Great Southern Woods, Brazilian Cherry
  • Great Southern Woods, Caribbean Walnut
  • Super-Strand Bamboo, Natural & Super-Strand Bamboo, Caramel (out of stock)
  • Super-Strand Bamboo, Umber (out of stock)
  • Super-Strand Bamboo, Frost (out of stock)
  • Super-Strand Bamboo, Fawn (out of stock)
  • Super-Strand Bamboo, Dove (out of stock)
  • Super-Strand Bamboo, Snowy (out of stock)

Labels on front and back of all products with product specifications
1 Tesoro Woods header graphic per Compact Tower
Size: 21″ deep x 28″ wide x 86″ tall